Nascent Venture

Nascent Venture is the beginning of an extraversal revolution. In another world, in another universe, the foundation of traditional knowledge is shattered. Welcome to the Aleph-Beth Solar System. Adventures are in store for Chad, Kiah, Sam and Patty. Follow them on their path of discovery. Will they decipher the long-hidden secrets of the planet Altion? From the beautiful garden city of Garamindia to the frigid mountains of Kaldland, the excitement of exploration abounds. Anti-gravity and tunneled power systems empower the Alephbethites to live a long, highly rewarding and productive life. You would think this utopian society would be the paragon of perfection. We call this idea into question as our characters find themselves challenged with supernatural and unexplainable paradoxes. Strange alien themes align with Scandinavian language and culture. How is it that we can exist in different cultures, times and universes yet be so much alike? What is the fundamental nature of the universe? Where do we come from when we are born? Where do we go when we die? Why is the universe filled with suffering, pain and death? KYKLOCHRONOS will stretch the mind of a reader into uncharted territory. Realize the boundaries of the mind are not only self-imposed.

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ISBN: 978-0-692-93364-0